It’s hard for your delegates to hear when they are deafened before the opening

Ok – we’ve officially heard it all. Our newest client came to us recently after a ‘memorable’ experience with an in-house AV company at a global hotel chain. Apparently it was ‘memorable’ for all the wrong reasons…
– The eardrum-breaking deafening screeecccchhhh from the sound system
– The opening video that didn’t play
– The AV technician AWOL for a toilet-break at the same time the show was meant to start
– The CEO’s Conference Welcome on a lapel mic that nobody could hear, with nobody brave-enough to let him know
– The over-zealous air-conditioning that resulted in half their office off sick after the event

We’ve had these experiences before too, and it’s these things that give production and AV people a bad name. We’re not all the same, and we refuse to be lumped in the same category any more!!!

Our team takes care of every single detail from start to finish. We don’t leave our clients high and dry, we support every element of an event. Our goal is for you to be able to sit back, watch the show and even participate in and enjoy your event…imagine that.