Could your next most inspirational conference speaker be free?

We see it time and time again. Hundreds of thousands spent on guest speakers. Some which hit the mark, others not so much. Because we work behind the scenes, speaking with your delegates and working as one with your team we want to challenge you on something…have you looked inside your business for inspirational talent before you’ve looked elsewhere?

We recently had a client who discovered one of their Senior Accountants was also a Well-being Expert. They ended up running the most engaging session we’ve ever seen on well-being at work, flow (not sure what flow relates to… more of a descriptor?) and stress reduction techniques.

Another client wanted to take a different look at innovative and agile thinking, so a team of interns ran an Agile Thinking Workshop employing hands-on idea generation. The ideas were then work-shopped (onsite or post-event?) and the top three gained funding to be implemented.

Consider a panel. Maybe you don’t have a strong speaker on a particular topic, but if you have a strong facilitator, they can transform any panel to get to the heart of a topic in an educational, entertaining way.

And before you go, instead of paying for ‘talent’ for your internal videos, once again, take a look inside. We’ve uncovered some of the best anchormen / women from within the business – right under our clients’ noses! There’s also nothing like a hilarious video that your employees have made. Our personal favourite was helping Aussie Home Loans create ‘Broker Wants A Deal’ videos which were a hilarious and engaging take on ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’. An absolute conference crowd hit!