Managing Partner
Brief info

With more than 15 years experience in video, production and events, this is the man that knows the video world better than he knows himself. He’s passionate about the work he does and loves to take a half-baked concept and turn it into a production or cinematic masterpiece.

He’s a tech guru (aka nerd) and has a love of production, video and technical ‘toys’. Some very expensive fancy toys like video cameras, drones and fancy wireless microphones. Not to mention his pride and joy - one of only a dwindling few green screen studios in Sydney with everything you need. Why would you pay ten of thousands to set your own up when there is one 10 minutes away?

He loves working with clients to turn a ‘hmmm I was thinking something like blah’ into a ‘wow that’s beyond what I had imagined’ event or video. He’s worked on small events in Victoria through to mammoth events in Vegas. He has clients that have taught him more than the standard man needs to know about makeup all the way through to the best financial provider for his home loan.

He likes diving deep into your business to understand what your strategy is and your goals. To him – there’s no business challenge that can’t be overcome. He’s also that person that stays eerily calm under pressure. The kind you want around in a crisis or when you’re choking.

When he’s not at work he’s a movie buff (hey where do you think he gets his ideas?) and producing epic family events, shame he doesn’t get paid for those ones.